Hawaii Eco Domes Retreat

A couple of days ago I was given the opportunity to photograph a unique dwelling in Kona. The construction style and technique is like nothing I’ve seen before on the island. Most homes on the Island are made of wood on a concrete or lava rock foundation. These Domes are made of concrete which has been sprayed into a dome shaped balloon and reinforced with a rebar cage. The result is an extremely light and airy looking construction with plenty of interior space, no load bearing structures inside and very efficient thermal insulation. According to the builder,  The rebar cage was constructed and then covered with a plastic shell which was kept inflated using a blower. The next step involved spraying the interior side with a concrete mix. Once the concrete cured, the structure was ready for finishing.

Hawaii Eco Domes have 4 domes constructed on their lot, 3 of which are available for rent as vacation dwellings. Each dome was styled after a different theme: Rainforest, Ocean and Earth. I was truly impressed and inspired by this unique retreat. The owners are in the process of setting up an aquaculture farm and have lots of common areas for their guests use.

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